City Manager

About the City Manager

Thomas C. Williams has been Millbrae's City Manager since December 2018.

As City Manager, Williams is responsible for overseeing the City's daily operations and ensuring that City services are delivered economically and effectively.

Williams works directly with the City of Millbrae's mayor and City Council to implement their policy direction for the City and achieve the Council-approved Strategic Plan Actions.

He also oversees eight City departments, including City Clerk, City Attorney, Human Resources, Communications, Community Development, Finance, Public Works, and Recreation. In addition, he manages our public safety contracts between Central County Fire Department and San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.

City Manager Williams has over three decades of public and private sector experience in all aspects of local government. Tom started his career with the City of San Diego, where he was a lead planner for the redesign and buildout of today's downtown San Diego. He was brought on to the City of Millbrae, in part for his work as a long-time City Manager in Silicon Valley overseeing the planning and development of California's largest "smart growth" urban infill transit plan.

Williams holds a B.A. in public administration with a concentration in city planning from San Diego State University and graduate studies in city planning and applied economics.