City of Millbrae Mission Statement

Enhancing the quality of life in our shared community, providing great services, encouraging community engagement, fostering economic growth, and embracing cultural diversity in a safe environment.

(Adopted by the City Council on July 8, 2014 - Resolution Number 14-38.)

City of Millbrae Seal

Millbrae Government

Millbrae operates as a General Law City, providing for a Council/Manager form of government that clearly distinguishes the legislative power of the City Council from the administrative powers of the City Manager.

The City Council are the only officials elected directly by the residents of Millbrae. As the legislative branch of the government, the City Council makes final decisions on all major City matters.

The Council adopts ordinances and resolutions necessary for efficient governmental operations, approves the budget, and acts as a board of appeals. The Council appoints the City Manager and City Attorney, as well as the members of the City's Commissions and Committees.


General Municipal Elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even-numbered years.