111 Rollins Road

111 Rollins Rendering
  • Address: 111 Rollins Road
  • Categories: Major Development Projects
  • Application Number: 2021-87

Project Description

The proposed project is the renovation of an existing building for biotechnology and scientific laboratory and office use. The proposed scope for the building exterior includes the replacement of all storefront doors and windows for energy efficiency, new paint on all exterior surfaces, and new roof screens. New bicycle outdoor bicycle parking racks will be installed. The proposed rooftop screen will be made up of opaque metal screens to shield new mechanical/HVAC equipment on the roof from the public way. Roof equipment will include air handlers, exhaust fans, split air conditioning units, and rooftop mechanical ducts. The intent of the new storefront system is to match the existing window transparency level and the project does not intend on adding more opaque surfaces to the exterior walls. The Interior scope of the project includes new reception area, office, laboratory, break room, utility rooms, showers, and restrooms. The scope includes minor demolition of interior partitions while keeping the vast majority of existing surrounding construction. New doors, partitions, and suspended ceilings are part of the scope of work. Additionally, some new finishes and casework will be provided. Both buildings will be equipped with a new sprinkler system. Landscape improvements include: new plants, ground cover, and trees, widened sidewalks, ADA-compliant curb ramps, and street lighting.

  • Entitlements: Application submitted for Design Review Permit and Conditional Use Permit.
  • Applicant: Dennis Khambai, 619-881-7799
  • Property Owner: Paul Pashby
  • Project Status: Approved by Planning Commission, April 4, 2022
  • Application Review Status: Review Complete
  • Public Hearing: April 4, 2022

Email the Planning Division or call 650-259-2341