Middle School Sports

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The middle after-school sports program operates during the school year at Taylor Middle School. Sports are open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students of the Millbrae School District. Teams compete in the North County Recreation League. Be sure to register by the deadline provided or before the start of each program.

Youth Program Late Pick-Up Policy

A $20 late pickup fee is charged for each 30 minutes (commencing at 1 minute late) after the program conclusion.

Registration Deadlines

The registration deadline is strictly adhered to pending the available spaces per team. If space becomes unavailable before or after the registration deadline, participants are placed on the Waiting List. If a space becomes available the next participant on the Wait List shall fill the available space on the team roster.


  • Cross Country - Fall
  • Flag Football - Fall
  • Volleyball (Girls) - Fall
  • Basketball - Winter
  • Badminton - Spring
  • Golf - Spring
  • Tennis - Spring
  • Track - Spring
  • Volleyball (Boys) - Spring

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