Utility Billing


To provide Utility Billing services in a fair, efficient, and professional manner, and assure timely collection of service charges to maintain cash flows within the Water and Sewer operations.


The Residents and Businesses within the City of Millbrae.


Provide Utility Billing services and assure timely collection of service charges. Provide customer service support to residents and businesses within the City of Millbrae. Assist the Public Works Department to manage new service requests, meter readings, and shutoffs.

The Utility Billing Division initiates and terminates Water and Sewer Utility services, and responds to public inquiries in connection with City Utility Services. All billings, inquiries, correspondence, collections and mailings are handled through this division.

Division Products

  • Post and Reconcile All Transactions in the Utility Billing Software
  • Post and Reconcile Transactions Transferred to the Financial System General Ledger
  • Production and Distribution of Monthly Customer Utility Billings

Division Services

  • Cross-Train Other Division Personnel
  • Investigate and Resolve Customer Inquiries and Complaints
  • Prepare Handheld Computer Devices for Monthly Meter Reading
  • Process Customer Refundable Deposits
  • Process Daily Cash Utility Payments
  • Process New Accounts and Close Accounts
  • Respond to Customer Inquiries

Transition to Sewer Service Charges to County Tax Roll

In the past, customers have received bi-monthly bills (six bills total) for these services. Beginning in July 2023, the City switched to semi-annual billing (two bills total) and will collect the charges on the property tax and assessment bill sent out by the County.

This change does NOT cause an increase in your current sewer service charge.

Billing through the County tax roll is anticipated to provide benefits to both ratepayers and the sewer enterprise fund. As the collector of general taxes, the County of San Mateo guarantees payment for any charges collected on the tax roll. This guarantee of payment allows staff to project revenue with more accuracy and plan any future expenditures required to maintain the City’s sewer collection system, including any long-term debt obligations.

Charges collected through the tax roll are the responsibility of the parcel owner. Customers do not have the ability to opt-out of the transition.

If you have any more questions, you can contact Mike Sung, Finance Director, by calling 650-259-2433.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  we have provided below that will help parcel owners and the Millbrae community better understand how they will be affected by the planned changes.

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