Development Impact Fees


Development Impact Fees are fees adopted by the City Council based on the provisions set forth in California Government Code Section 66000-66025 (Mitigation Fee Act as established by Assembly Bill 1600 in 1987). These fees are assessed upon new development projects to fully or partially offset the costs of public capital facilities and infrastructure that is needed to serve new demand created by development projects. The City prepared the required nexus studies to document the appropriate Development Impact Fees that can be charged by the City. Fees collected under the Mitigation Fee Act are to be collected for capital facility and infrastructure improvements only, used to fund facility needs created by new development rather than existing deficiencies, and the fees are to be based on a rational nexus between new development and the costs of the capital facilities and infrastructure needed to accommodate such development as documented in the nexus studies. These fees do not pay for operation and maintenance of capital facilities, or city staffing costs. Development Impact Fees are segregated from the General Fund and from other City budget funds or accounts containing fees collected for other purposes in accordance with accounting standards. The State Mitigation Fee Act requires that the City provide an accounting of impact fees imposed on development projects on an annual basis. This Annual Report must be reviewed and accepted by the City Council at a regularly scheduled public meeting.

The City's Development Impact Fees are summarized in this public information document: 

The following Ordinances and Resolutions provide additional information about the City's development impact fees. The related Nexus Studies are included in these documents. However please note the listed fee values are outdated, as they do not reflect the annual indexing which increases the fees every year.