Utilities & Operations

The responsibilities of the Public Works Utilities and Operations Division include:

  • Maintaining streets, traffic signs, pavement markings, streetlights, and traffic signals, and providing safe and clean public rights-of-way, sidewalks, alleys, and easements. View the Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF).
  • Obtaining and distributing reliable quality water to City residents and businesses through aggressive water quality monitoring, cross connection control, and maintenance of the distribution system; management of State reporting system.
  • Operating, maintaining, and improving the City's storm drain infrastructure and developing and implementing programs designed to remove and deter sedimentation and erosion, and prevent illegal pollutant discharges into San Francisco Bay
  • Providing reliable city vehicles through cost-effective centralized vehicle procurement and maintenance and ensuring compliance with new clean air regulations
  • Maintaining water storage tanks, pumps, valves, and hydrants for fire protection
  • Controlling unlawful discharges into the storm drain system
  • Inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the sanitary sewer collection system and responding to customer emergency service requests; management of State reporting system
  • Responding to customer water inquiries
  • Implementing and enforcing water rationing program, when necessary
  • Water service installations
  • Emergency repairs