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The Department's mission is to regulate and guide development on private property to ensure the public health, safety, general welfare, and quality of life of the community. We also foster the City's economic growth to support the City's long-term fiscal sustainability.

The Community Development Department is comprised of five divisions and functional areas: Planning, Building, Code Enforcement, Housing, and Economic Development. The Department supports economic development and the business community in Millbrae. The main functions include the following:

  • Processing of planning applications and building permits, ensuring that new development, remodeling, and additions are in compliance with all applicable City, state, and federal regulations governing land development and construction.
  • Supporting the City's economic growth, improving the downtown area, and facilitating new development to add to the City's long-term fiscal sustainability.
  • Code enforcement to eliminate code violations and nuisances and ensure appropriate maintenance and preservation of buildings, properties, and neighborhoods.
  • Maintain the City's long-range planning documents, including the Millbrae General Plan and various specific plans, and implement the goals, policies, and programs of these plans to regulate long-term growth in a manner consistent with the City's vision.
  • Administer the City's Zoning Code, Sign Code, and local and state Building and Fire Codes.
  • Perform inspections of all construction to ensure public health, safety, general welfare as well as fire safety, sustainability, and accessibility.
  • Staffing to the Planning Commission and Economic Vitality Advisory Committee.