Building Permit


The City's Online Permitting Portal is accessible 24/7.  A Building Permit application is required to build or alter a structure, install, repair, or modify electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems, or demolish any construction that does not first require a separate Planning Application approval.

The City requires all permits be submitted in the Online Permit Portal. Hard-copy applications are not accepted. When submitting a new application, the online Building Permitting application process consists of the following four pages. Except for the Information page, all other pages are must be completed:

  1. Information - Provides pertinent information about City requirements and conditions for online permits
  2. Scope of Work - Applicant must select options to declare the proposed type of work
  3. Application - Applicant must provide information such as the property address and individuals related to the project (e.g. Contractor, Owner, Architect).
  4. Submittals - Applicant must submit required electronic documents for staff review.

Once the online application is submitted by the applicant, City staff will review the application. When the application is accepted, the applicant will be notified for any required plan check fees to commence the plan review process; if there are missing documents or other concerns with your application, the application will be returned and can be resubmitted once corrected.

Quick User Guides

Detailed User Guides

To start using the system, you will be required to register an account with your email. When accessing the system, each user will have access to their own projects while being able to provide access to other authorized users (e.g. architects, contractors) as needed.

For any questions regarding the building permit e-portal or to schedule a building inspection, please email the Building Division Permit Technician or call 650-259-2330.