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New Affordable Housing Regulations

The City of Millbrae City Council adopted a comprehensive affordable housing regulation policy package on July 13, 2021. These new regulations include three main components:

  1. Ordinance Number 787 (PDF) adding Article XXXIII Section 10.05.3300 et seq. Affordable Housing On-Site and In-Lieu Fee Requirements and Article XXXIV Section 10.05.3400 et seq. Affordable Housing Commercial Linkage Impact Fee to Chapter 10.5 of Title 10 of the Millbrae Municipal Code
  2. City Council Resolution Number 21-49 (PDF) Adopting Affordable Housing Requirements and Program Regulations
  3. City Council Resolution Number 21-50 (PDF) Establishing Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fees for Residential Development Projects and Commercial Linkage Impact Fees for Commercial Development Projects

Associated final nexus studies to support the establishment of the fees were prepared and published. The City Council agenda which includes the final Ordinance, final Resolutions, and final nexus studies is available online.

The Ordinance and Resolution establishing fees are now in effect.

Housing Element (2023 to 2031) Update

The City of Millbrae is currently in the process of updating the Housing Element.

Additional Affordable Housing Information

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