Short Term Residential Rentals

The City of Millbrae has experienced an increase in residents renting both homes and rooms to renters for periods of less than thirty days. Short Term Residential Rental's (STRRs) present opportunities for the City and its residents, including the potential for residents to increase their income and for visitors to become new customers for local businesses. In order to better manage and regulate STRRs and the issues that they may bring to residential neighborhoods in Millbrae, the City of Millbrae approved Ordinance Number 771 on July 31, 2018, regulating STRRs to accommodate the emergence and growing popularity of online home-sharing platforms in the City of Millbrae.

The links below provide information on how to apply for an STRR including completing the business license, permit application, and transient occupancy tax certification form along with phone numbers for Code Enforcement and the Millbrae Sheriff. Fines up to $l,000/day may be imposed for those operating STRRs illegally.

The STRR Ordinance requires that residents interested in operating an STRR at their residence apply to the Community Development Department for a STRR permit. As designed this program will require a business license, STRR permit, and completion of a transient occupancy tax certification form along with health and safety inspections to ensure compliance with applicable codes.

Steps to obtain an STRR:

  1. Visit the Planning Department to complete and submit for review, a STRR permit application for a transient occupancy registration certificate (fee required). Property Tax Statement or Deed of Ownership must be presented at Planning Department.
  2. Schedule a Building Safety Inspection (fee required)
  3. Visit the Finance Department to:
    • Pay back taxes (up to 3 years) for the annual Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), if the STRR is existing and has been operating for the past 3 years.
    • Obtain Business License (fee required)
    • Obtain Home Occupation License (fee required)

To report complaints, issues, or concerns about short-term rentals, please contact the Code Enforcement Hotline at 650-259-2440. You may also file a complaint form at the Community Development Department. For noise disturbance please contact the Millbrae Police Bureau: Business (24 hours, non-emergency): 650-259-2300.

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