City Council Priorities

Council Group Photo 2023

The City Council holds at least one meeting a year to discuss and organize the goals and priorities for the City.

SI - 1 Define the Millbrae Community of Tomorrow/Built Environment

  • City completes architectural design standards for all neighborhoods and completes historic designation for all parts of Millbrae.  This provides an additional tool for requiring mitigation from expansion plans by transportation entities who must follow NEPA as well as CEQA rules.  (8pts)
  • Prioritize Very Low-Income Housing, develop downtown/local density bonus program greater than State currently allows. (8pts)
  • East Side Specific Plan (5pts)

SI - 3 Quality of Life / Neighborhood Enhancement / Strong Community

  • Onsite Solar Generation On Mixed Use & Large Residential Development (7pts)
  • Complete Tree Ordinance for City and Heritage trees with map.  Complete Urban Forest inventory that includes health of existing trees and reviews trees that should be removed due to drought, insect and wind damage. (3pts)
  • City replacing street trees when new development and remodels occur within neighborhoods.

SI - 4 City Government Organizational Success

  • Streamlined Permit tracking portal for Planning & Building (5pts)

SI - 5 Fiscal Sustainability / Economic Development

  • Pursue Downtown Business Association advocating for Downtown & Business Improvement District. (10pts)
  • Create an empty store front ordinance and front window façade ordinance. This has been on hold as we awaited the Business Improvement District, but since that did not get the votes, let's move forward on the ordinances, and then property owners can see how the BID would help achieve livelier and more profitable downtown. (6pts)