Information for New Residents & Businesses


Welcome to the City of Millbrae. Moving to a new community can be stressful and many things have to be accomplished to get established. We hope the following basic information regarding City Services, Public Utilities, and Schools will be helpful.

Water & Sewer Service

New residents or businesses will have to establish an account for Water and Sewer Services. This utility service can be set up by calling 650-259-2420 or by visiting the Finance Department's Customer Service counter in the lobby at:

  • Millbrae City Hall
    621 Magnolia Avenue
    Millbrae, CA
  • Water and Sewer Service is provided and maintained by the City of Millbrae Public Works Department.
  • Utility statement generation and customer accounts are maintained by the City of Millbrae Finance Department.

Note: A deposit of $150 is required for residential property service. The deposit will be refunded after one year of prompt payment history, or requested discontinuance of service. The required deposit for a Business account varies as it is based on the type of business conducted.

Water & Sewer Service Statement/Billing

Water and Sewer Services are billed together bimonthly. The month a customer will receive their statement varies depending on their location, as billing cycles are specific for each area within the City of Millbrae.

Water consumption is metered, and meters are read every other month by City of Millbrae Public Works Department Meter Readers.

  • Residential Water Service is billed at a rate of $5.45 per unit consumed (1 unit = 748 gallons), plus a service charge for the meter. The standard residential meter size is 3/4", of which the monthly service fee is $15. Larger meter sizes cost more per month.
  • Residential Sewer Service is $47.70 per month plus a variable consumption charge of $5.51 per unit. The sewer usage is calculated by multiplying the variable rate by the lesser of the actual water consumption or the Average Winter Demand. The Average Winter Demand is calculated annually by averaging the water consumption during the winter months (November to February or December to March).

Trash Collecting & Recycling Service

Trash Collection and Recycling Services are exclusively provided by the privately-owned South San Francisco Scavenger Company, and Customer statement billing is done by the South San Francisco Scavenger Company. This Company also provides curbside recycling. To establish service contact:

Electrical Service

Electrical Service is provided by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). To establish service contact:

Telephone Service

Telephone Service (landline) is provided by SBC. To establish service contact:

  • AT&T - 1-(877)-2674978

Cable Service

Cable Service is provided by Comcast Cable Service. To establish service contact:


The City of Millbrae is part of the Millbrae Elementary School District for K-8 public education, the San Mateo Union High School District for 9-12 public education, and the San Mateo Community College District for college-level education. Information regarding local public schools or colleges can be obtained by visiting the websites of the Millbrae Elementary School District and the San Mateo Union High School District.

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