Pollution Prevention Program

The Pollution Prevention Program is comprised of the Stormwater and Pretreatment Programs.

Stormwater is rain that flows over rooftops, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, streets, or any other surface that cannot absorb water. As water travels over these surfaces, it picks up dirt, trash, oil, grease, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, and other pollutants and carries them into the storm drain system. The storm drains are separate from the sanitary sewer system and anything that enters the storm drain will flow directly into our waterways untreated, including local creeks and the San Francisco Bay.

Pollution Prevention means reducing or eliminating waste at the source whether it is from a home or business by changing certain practices such as washing cars at a commercial car wash where the water is recycled, using non-toxic or less-toxic substances including pesticides and fertilizers, sweeping driveways and business areas, and keeping trash and recycling lids closed at all times to prevent litter.

Preventing pollution begins with us! Visit Flows to Bay to learn more about how you can help reduce pollution and keep our waterways clean!

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View the links below to learn more about these programs and the many ways you can prevent pollution at work and at home.