City Contact List

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Accounts PayableFinance & Accounting(650) 259-2355
Benedik, TanyaBuilding Inspector/Plan CheckerCommunity Development(650) 259-2330
Brady, MackenzieRecreation DirectorRecreation(650) 259-2360
Building OfficialCommunity Development(650) 259-2403
Busch, AdrieneRecreation Services ManagerRecreation(650) 259-2360
Business LicenseFinance & Accounting(650) 259-2350
Centis, CraigDeputy Director of Public WorksPublic Works(650) 259-2376
Code Enforcement Community Development(650) 259-2440
Community Development DeprtmentCommunity Development(650) 259-2341
Fielding, Sam Senior PlannerCommunity Development(650) 259-2336
Finance DepartmentFinance & Accounting(650) 259-2350
Fire Department(650) 259-2400
Gabriel, GeofreyRecreation Coordinator for Youth and Adult SportsRecreation(650) 259-2365
Gianoli, JohnParks Field SupervisorPublic Works(650) 259-2378
Harrington, JimPublic Works Supervisor - Water & StreetsPublic Works(650) 259-2374
Hilbrants, DeAnnaFinance DirectorFinance & Accounting(650) 259-2350
Killigrew, MikePublic Works Supervisor-CollectionsPublic Works(650) 259-2374
Liang, WanyiAdministrative AnalystAdministrative User Department, Human Resources(650) 259-2332
Lim, KheePublic Works DirectorPublic Works(650) 259-2339
Loo, WayneFinancial Services ManagerFinance & Accounting(650) 259-2359