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Youth Advisory Committee

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The Youth Advisory Committee consists of five members (two Middle School Members and three High School Members) appointed by the City Council and serve a term of one year (September 1st through May 31st). Membership reflects the student bodies of all the public and private schools serving the City to the greatest extent possible. Each voting member must be a Millbrae resident, but need not attend a Millbrae school.

Their regular meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month during the school year months September - May; at 5:30 p.m. in the Chetcuti Community Room, 450 Poplar Avenue, Millbrae.  View calendar for upcoming meetings.

Resolution No. 16-38 Youth Advisory Committee 09-27-16

Youth Advisory Committee Bylaws

Youth Advisory Committee Work Plan FY '17-'18

Duties of the Youth Advisory Committee

  1. To provide a forum for discussion and resolution of issues affecting youth and facilitate communication between youth and City Government.
  2. To advise the City Council on matters affecting youth which do not involve or pertain to proposals on capital spending programs.
  3. To act as liaison with City organizations as follows:
    - To provide input to other City Commissions and Committees with respect to matters pertaining to youth as may
       affect the City of Millbrae;
    - To establish an effective liaison with the Parks and Recreation Commission, Senior Advisory Committee, and the
       Community Enhancement Advisory Committee.
  4. To act in concert with the City Council as follows:
    - The Committee shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the City Council; and
    - No acts of the Committee shall be contrary to the established policy of the City Council.

Assigned Recreation staff serve as staff liaison to the Committee and can be reached at 650-259-2360.


Members Initial Appointment Term Expiration
MANU BYRISETTY  07/01/19  05/31/21
 07/01/18  05/31/21
TANNER YOUNG  07/01/18  05/31/21
ALYSSA NIWA  07/01/18  05/31/21
VACANT    05/31/21
VACANT - alternate    05/31/21