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Sister Cities Commission

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The Sister Cities Commission consists of eleven members appointed by the City Council and serve at the Council's pleasure, none of whom shall hold any paid office or employment in the City government.  No Commissioner may be appointed to or serve concurrently on more than one commission or committee established by ordinance or resolution of the City Council at the same time.  Members shall be residents of the City and shall serve for a term of four years.  

 Millbrae has sister city relationships with La Serena, Chile; and Mosta, Malta; a friendship city agreement with Hanyu, Japan; and is forming a sister city relationship with Kaiping, China.

The Commission regularly meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Millbrae Library, Room A, 1 Library Avenue, Millbrae.  View calendar for upcoming meetings.

Ordinance No. 761 Amending Ch. 2.10 of Title 2 Commissions and Boards 09-27-16

Sister Cities Commission Bylaws

Sister Cities Work Plan FY '17-'18

Duties of the Commission 

  1. To promote a greater global understanding of other cultures and and international perspective for Millbrae in light of the significant changes happening throughout the world;
  2. To grow relationships with sister cities and friendship cities;
  3. To foster cultural and educational exchange programs, and identify and promote trade relationships;
  4. To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the City Council.

Assigned Recreation staff serves as staff liaison to the Commission and can be reached at 650-259-2360.

Members Initial Appointment Term Expiration
EUNICE DANLI 10/23/08 06/30/24
TOM DAWDY 6/21/94 06/30/22
01/22/13 06/30/24
ALINE LEE(Vice Chair) 10/23/08 06/30/24
02/22/00 06/30/20
AKIKO SODA   01/22/13 06/30/24
PETER YEH 07/01/06 06/30/22
JOHN CHANG 07/01/19 06/30/23
CHI YING WONG PO 07/01/18 06/30/22
SAMMY YIM 01/10/17 06/30/21
ROBERT GOTTSCHALK (Chair) 10/10/17 06/30/21