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Senior Advisory Committee

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The Senior Advisory Committee consists of seven members appointed by the City Council.  Members are qualified electors of the City and shall serve for a term of two years, and may be reappointed to additional terms and serve with out compensation.  Members cannot hold any other public office or City position while serving on the Commission.

The Senior Advisory Committee meets regularly on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. at the Millbrae Community Center, 623 Magnolia Avenue, and may meet for additional special sessions as needed.

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Resolution No. 16-37 Senior Advisory Committee 09-27-16

Senior Advisory Committee Bylaws

Senior Advisory Committee Work Plan '17-'18

The mission of the Committee is to advocate for and assist the City Council in providing creative and meaningful activities and services for older individuals and groups.

Committee Duties and Goals:

  1. To advise the City Council regarding activities, services, and volunteer community opportunities for older individuals and groups in Millbrae. 
  2. To provide and encourage opportunities to perform voluntary community service and disseminate information regarding available resources.
  3. Enhance the community's quality of life.
  4.  To focus on dissemination of information and advocacy regarding:
      - Recommended services for older adults in the areas of health information and referral, volunteer services,
        counseling, outreach to the home-bound, recreation, education, and other needed services;
      - Coordinate and strengthen public support for seniors and the multipurpose Community Center;
      - Formulate and recommend plans to assist in meeting the critical needs of older adults and adults with
      - Provide a channel for the dissemination of information regarding senior programs, activities and services;
      - Coordinate inter-generational activities, programs and services.
  5. To act as liaison with City organizations as follows:
      - To provide input to other City Commissions and Committees with respect to matters pertaining to older adults
         as may affect the City of Millbrae;
      - To establish an effective liaison with the Parks and Recreation Commission, Youth Advisory Committee, and
        the Community Enhancement Advisory Committee.
  6. To act in concert with the City Council as follows:
     - The Committee shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the City Council; and
     - No acts of the Committee shall be contrary to the established policy of the Council.

Assigned Recreation Staff serves as staff liaison to the Committee and can be reached at 650-259-2360.

Members Initial Appointment Term Expiration
09/25/12 06/30/22
MARY ELLEN PELLEGRINI 03/23/10 06/30/20
MIMI LEE            03/10/15 06/30/22
ROCHELLE MULLEN (Vice Chair) 07/11/17 06/30/22
MIMI LIN 07/01/04
ANN JONES 07/01/18 06/30/21
PATRICK CHENG 07/01/19 06/30/21