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Economic Vitality Advisory Committee

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The Economic Vitality Advisory Committee consists of nine members who serve a term of four years.   Members shall be appointed by the City Council and serve at the Council's pleasure, none of whom shall hold any paid office or employment in the City government.  No Committee members may be appointed to serve concurrently on more that one Commission, Board, or Committee established by ordinance or resolution of the City Council.  Residency or business affiliation in a business whose primary address is the City of Millbrae is required for members of the Committee. In the selection of committee members, at least six of the committee be members of the Millbrae business community and need not be residents.  

The mission of the Committee is to achieve and maintain a dynamic and robust business climate in the City of Millbrae.

Goals, Duties and Objectives of the Committee

  1. Maximize the City's regional role and perception as a major transportation center.
  2. Aggressively pursue all avenues of growth for new and existing businesses.
  3. Increase sales and property tax base.
  4. Enhance the community's quality of life.
  5. To focus on existing and emerging businesses of the economy, including (but not limited to) Milbrae's Business, Downtown and Tourism sector as follows:
    - To promote a healthy and vibrant downtown;
    - To advise the City Council on all matters affecting or related to tourism and to make recommendations annually
       on the use of monies proposed for appropriation by the City Council for promotion of tourism.
  6. To act as liaison with City organizations as follows:
    - To provide input to other City Commissions and Committees with respect to matters pertaining to economic
      development as may affect the City of Millbrae;
    - To establish an effective liaison with the Chamber of Commerce, Visitors and Convention Bureau, other business associations, and for the purpose of event coordination with the Sister Cities Commission.
  7. To act in concert with the City Council as follows:
    - The Committee shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the City Council; and
    - No act of the Committee shall be contrary to the established policy of the City Council.

The Economic Vitality Advisory Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Millbrae Community Center Classroom, 623 Magnolia Avenue.   View calendar for upcoming meetings.

Resolution No. 16-40 Economic Vitality Advisory Committee 09-27-16

Economic Vitality Advisory Committee Bylaws FY '17-'18

Economic Vitality Work Plan FY '17-'18

Assigned Community Development staff serves as the liaison to the Committee and can be reached at 650-259-2341.

Members Initial Appointment Term Expiration
09/25/01 06/30/21
VERNON BRUCE 07/25/00 06/30/24
DAN ROGERS (Chair) 1996 06/30/20
DESMOND YUEN 09/25/12 06/30/20
JOHN CESARIO 03/11/14 06/30/21
ROBERT DUCOTE 07/11/17 06/30/21
AMY KELLY LAUER  07/11/17 06/30/21
MARGARET NG  06/12/18


 ALICE KUANG  06/25/19 06/30/23 
 JESSE BUSTOS (Alternate)  06/25/19 06/30/23