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Community Enhancement Advisory Committee

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The Community Enhancement Advisory consists of nine members who shall be appointed by the City Council and serve at the Council's pleasure from the qualified electors of the City, none of whom shall hold any paid office or employment in the City Government.  No Committee member may serve concurrently on more than one Commission or Board or Committee established by ordinance or resolution of the City Council at the same time.  Members shall serve for a term of four years.

The mission of the Committee is to promote Millbrae by creating, participating in, and supporting activities and programs that improve the aesthetic and physical environment of the community.

Goals, Duties and Objectives of the Committee

  1. Encourage and promote partnerships and participation of residents, businesses, environmental, and other organizations.
  2. Enhance the community's quality of life.
  3. Focus on education, recognition, and advocacy regarding:
    - The environment and sustainability programs;
    - The beauty and importance of Millbrae's natural and built environment.
  4. To act as liaison with other organizations as follows:
    - Educating the community about enhancing Millbrae's beauty and environmental aspects;
    - Serving as liaison and resource for residents, schools, businesses, organizations, and City government.
  5. To act in concert with the City Council as follows:
    - The Committee shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the City Council;
    - No acts of the Committee shall be contrary to the established policy of the City Council.

The Community Enhancement Advisory meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Chetcuti Community Room, 450 Poplar Avenue, Millbrae.  View calendar for upcoming meetings.

Resolution No. 16-39 Community Enhancement Committee 09-27-16

Community Enhancement Advisory Committee Bylaws Adopted 01-04-17

Community Enhancement Work Plan FY '17-'18

Assigned Community Development staff serves as the liaison to the Committee and can be reached at 650-259-2341.

Members Initial Appointment Term Expiration
06/30/11 06/30/23
MYRNA WARTO (Vice Chair)
09/12/06 06/30/22
NICK BRAND 07/01/07 06/30/23
DONNA EGHBAL  07/01/07 06/30/23
BRANDON CHAN 06/12/18 06/30/22
ANN KIRKBRIDE 08/27/79 06/30/21
VALERIE CARLEY 01/10/17 06/30/21
JANET CREECH 01/10/17 06/30/21
ALEX MA 07/23/17 06/30/23