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New Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program

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Millbrae residents living in single family homes will be able to put food scraps and food soiled paper products in the yard trimmings cart starting the week of January 12th (“A” week customers) and the 19th (“B” week customers) on your regular garbage and recycling collection day. Food scraps and yard trimmings will be collected weekly at the curbside along with garbage and recycling.

All of your leftovers, meat, poultry, fish and bones, dairy, breads, pastas, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and pizza boxes, paper plates, napkins and cups will be composted instead of thrown away!

The South San Francisco Scavenger Company will provide each household with detailed information and a new 2-gallon kitchen pail for in-home use a week prior to the start date. The pail is a clean and convenient way to collect food scraps and leftovers until you are ready to empty it into the yard trimmings cart.

The collected food scraps and yard trimmings will be composted and also made into compressed natural gas for SSF Scavenger vehicles.

This program will start soon for apartments and condominiums.

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Food Scrap Collection Program