Sidewalk Repair Program

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Periodically, within a section of the City, the Public Works Department inspects the condition of sidewalks to eliminate tripping hazards by replacing broken and uplifted sections of sidewalk. Upon request, the City also provides year-round asphalt toe-clipping adjacent to uplifted sidewalk sections as a temporary measure to bridge an uplifted section of sidewalk.

The Sidewalk Repair Project cycles through different neighborhoods each year. At current funding levels, the City is divided into roughly 5 or 6 sections for annual programs. Repair areas are selected based upon the potential for tree growth damage and by looking at areas not covered by past projects. Wheel chair ramps at key intersections are also installed as part of this program in our effort to ultimately make all street corners ADA compliant.

City and State Code make property owners responsible to maintain their sidewalks. Technically, the sidewalk is defined as also including the curb and gutter, but City policy is currently such that the City will pay for needed curb and gutter repairs.

Property owners do have the option of completing the work privately. Most people find, however that by combining repair work into one competitively bid contract, the prices offered by the City's contractor are often lower and the construction management services provided by the City makes for a relatively hassle-free alternative.

If you have questions, or want to report a potentially unsafe sidewalk location, please call the Public Works Department at 259-2339.