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Megan's Law

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To learn about designated registered sex offenders in Millbrae and the rest of California, visit the new California Department of Justice web site by pointing your browser to:

As a result of a new law, this site will provide you with access to information on more than 63,000 persons required to register in California as sex offenders. Specific home addresses are displayed on more than 33,500 offenders in the California communities; as to these persons, the site displays the last registered address reported by the offender. An additional 30,500 offenders are included on the site with listing by ZIP code, city, and county. Information on approximately 22,000 other offenders is not included on this site, but is known to law enforcement personnel.

The site is searchable by name, address, city, county, ZIP code, parks, and schools.  It features photographs of the offenders, a list of their offenses, and other pertinent information.

This web site is the result of legislation in 2004 that originated in the California State Assembly.  In September 2004, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 488 into law. This bill created Penal Code section 290.46, which directed the Department of Justice to post specified information regarding serious and high-risk sex offenders on an Internet web site for public viewing. The addition of this web site allows anyone to access the specified information from any computer connected to the Internet. This web site, originally expected to be operational by July 2005, was operational on December 15, 2004, thanks to a remarkable effort by the Department of Justice.

The Millbrae Police Department would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to use information from the web site to commit a crime against a sex offender.

The Department of Justice web site contains the most up-to-date information available for public release.  The Millbrae Police Department does not have any additional information available for release.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Millbrae Police Department at (650) 259-2300.