Residential Security Program

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Millbrae citizens now have the opportunity to reduce their vulnerability to residential and commercial burglaries through free residential security checks by Millbrae officers. Citizens can contact the Millbrae Police Bureauand request a free security inspection. A Millbrae officer will then schedule an appointment and later respond to evaluate the security provisions of the particular site. Officers will be looking for inadequate locking mechanisms, inadequate alarm systems, poor door and window security, etc. A checklist will be provided to the resident noting areas for improvement.

In addition, the Millbrae Police Bureau will loan out electric engravers to residents who wish to mark their valuables with their driver's license numbers. The engravers will be loaned out for a 48 hour period. On many occasions, the Police Department recovers numerous items of property through investigations, however the items cannot be linked to their rightful owners because the property item is not marked. A driver's license number engraved on an item is the fastest way a police department can link this item to its owner.

Please take advantage of these free programs to reduce your vulnerability to property loss and burglary. Contact the Millbrae Police Bureau at (650) 259-2300.