No Gift Policy

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Policy Statement

It is the policy of the City of Millbrae that no employee shall accept any form of gift connected with their employment.  To avoid a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest, or the need for our employees to examine the ethics of acceptance, our organization and its employees do not accept gifts from vendors, suppliers, customers, potential employees, potential vendors or suppliers, or other individuals or organizations, under any circumstances.

Per this policy the City of Millbrae’s code of conduct requires that all employees demonstrate our organization’s commitment to treating all people and organizations, with whom we come into contact or conduct business, impartially. City of Millbrae employees are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and conduct.  Toward that end employees are to practice and demonstrate equal treatment, unbiased professionalism, and non-discriminatory actions in relation to all vendors, suppliers, customers, employees, potential employees, potential vendors or suppliers, citizens and customers and any other individual or organization contacted in the course of the work.

In an effort to demonstrate the City’s commitment to these standards and behavior, all employees must abide by the following no-gift policy requirements.

City of Millbrae No Gift Policy