SEC Municipal Advisor - IRMA Exemption Notice

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Statement from City of Millbrae - For Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Exemption

SEC Municipal Advisor Rule – Evidence of IRMA Exemption
Effective as of April 8, 2015

This document serves as a certificate to indicate that City of Millbrae (City) is aware of: 1) the “Municipal Advisor Rule” of the Securities and Exchange Commission (effective July 1, 2014); and 2) the “independent registered municipal advisor” (IRMA) exemption from the definition of “advice” within that rule.

To that effect, the City has retained an independent registered municipal advisor. The City is represented by and will rely on the firm of Urban Futures, Inc., based in Orange, California. Urban Futures will, among other things, advise the City regarding proposals submitted by financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities and municipal financial products (e.g. investments of bond proceeds and escrow investments).

Proposals may be addressed to the Finance Director, Mr. Kenneth Spray, by either physical delivery at 621 Magnolia Avenue, Millbrae CA 94030, or by e-mail at If proposals are deemed to be appropriate for further evaluation by City, City will share the documents with Urban Futures.

Please note that, per the Municipal Advisor Rule, aside from the regulator-mandated correspondence between an underwriter and municipal advisor (Urban futures), prospective underwriter(s) should not speak directly with or send documents directly to the City unless specifically directed to by the City.

This certificate may be relied upon until June 30, 2016.