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Accessory Dwelling Units

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Accessory Dwelling and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units

Currently, the City of Millbrae accepts Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit  (JADU)

applications and applies the state of California ADU/JADU laws for approval process.  The City of Millbrae is developing a local ordinance regulating ADUs/JADUs. 


Please click on the links below for further information: 

ADU and JADU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Summary of State ADU Laws Effective January 1, 2020

California Department of Housing and Community Development: ADU's and JADU's

Second Unit Resource Center San Mateo County

ADU within existing single family home,  Attached Sample: ADU attached to single family home and Detached Sample: ADU built in backyard detached from single family home.