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Millbrae is a bustling city 15 miles south of San Francisco. Many of the 22,000 people who call the City home work in the technology, software, and biotech fields in the near-by Silicon Valley and San Francisco. 

Millbrae’s central location along the Bay Area Peninsula, close proximity to San Francisco International Airport and the BART-Caltrain intermodal station, and easy access to Highways 101 and 280, have helped make the City a major residential and commercial hub in the region.

The partnerships with SFO, BART and Caltrain have been essential to the development of the Millbrae Station Area Specific Plan. This is one of the City’s largest development projects, and will be a major driver for our economy, creating local, livable wage jobs in Millbrae. As a future stop for California’s high-speed rail, our vision is to develop a multi-modal transportation center that will serve local, regional and international travelers with a variety of amenities and services, and offer unmatched shopping and dining experiences.

Over the past eight years, the City Council and I have taken many proactive steps to keep our city financially stable without passing on many tax increases to our residents. In 2012, we were able to save more than $1.5 million a year by contracting police services with the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office. In 2014, we were able to save an additional $2 million by contracting fire services with the Central County Fire Department.

Last year, we unfortunately lost our beloved community center to a fire. The community center was an anchor for our City, as well as the central location for our adult and child activity programs. Since then, I am happy to report that we have hired a master plan developer and are in the process to build the new Millbrae Community Center.

Millbrae’s proximity to two of the nation’s most innovative economic hubs, the appeal of our picturesque downtown and great schools, and our central location on the Peninsula, make our City an attractive home for hundreds of new people each year. I welcome you to Millbrae!


Marcia Raines
City Manager

About the City Manager 

The City Manager is the chief executive officer of the municipal government to whom all department heads and employees report. The City's Manager's mission is to carry out the policies and programs approved by the Council and provide administrative leadership.

The Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the City and ensuring that City services are delivered in an economical and effective manner.

The City Manager provides support to the City Council by guiding the staff in accomplishing the mission of the City and achieving the Council-approved Strategic Plan Actions. The City Manager's Office is also responsible for providing information to the public about significant activities of the City, special projects, and representing the City with other governmental agencies.

The City Manager's Office oversees and assures effective and efficient delivery of all municipal services through the City's operating departments to citizens, businesses, and institutions:

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  • Monitoring and controlling activities of all City departments through leadership and coaching of the City's Executive Management Team.


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