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2015 Election

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2015 Election

November 3, 2015 - General Municipal Election

Alphabetical listing of candidates who have qualified for the City of Millbrae General Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 (see below table for more candidate information):

Robert G. Gottschalk
475 El Camino Real, Suite 300
Millbrae, CA 94030
City Councilmember 4 Years Incumbent
Wayne J. Lee
P.O. Box 1571
Millbrae, CA 94030
City Councilmember 4 Years Incumbent
Gina Papan
Millbrae, CA 94030
City Councilmember 4 Years Deputy Attorney General
Ann Schneider
406 Palm Avenue
Millbrae. CA 94030
City Councilmember 4 Years Environmental Manager/Educator

Robert G. Gottschalk, Incumbent*

Age: 70

Education and Qualifications: BA San Jose State University, MBA UC Berkeley, JD Hastings College of Law.

I run again for council, after 12 years as councilmember and three times mayor, because I have more direct experience than anyone in the issues facing Millbrae. Good judgment, leadership and experience continue to be needed.

Millbrae is entering a critical new phase as development around the BART station will change the area dramatically. Change is inevitable; we must guide it wisely.

My twelve years on council provide me understanding of the issues to make the best decisions regarding the elements presented by this growth.

I have strived to enable positive change. I have exercised leadership and teamwork to contribute substantial improvement in public safety, quality of life, and financial sustainability for our city.

A Vietnam veteran with 26 years Naval Reserve service, retired as Captain, I developed leadership, judgment, and stability which will be needed for our near future.

Practicing law in Millbrae, serving in Rotary Club 15 years, life member of Friends of Millbrae Library, and serving on 18 boards and commissions over recent years, I am involved.

I will be grateful for your vote.

Please see

Thank you sincerely,

Robert G. Gottschalk

Wayne J. Lee Incumbent

I have lived in this community for the last 30+ years and I have seen the booms and busts of our economy. I have seen the city cut back on spending and programs to the bone. During my first term on the city council, it has been my priority to create programs for a sustainable economy in a fair and transparent manner. I want our community to feel financially secure so our children and grandchildren can live in Millbrae without the burden of high taxes and crushing debt.

As the Mayor, I worked with the council to revitalize our economy, saved the fire station near 280, created new sources of revenues and businesses, install up to date playgrounds equipment, paved roads for the first time in years, and created a task forces for economic development and infrastructure, and raised our credit rating to ++A (equal to Burlingame).

My service to Millbrae includes: Planning Commissioner for five years (Chair), President of the PTA and the founding President of the Millbrae Education Foundation.

I teach and mentor teens through the Millbrae Leos Club and coach AYSO soccer. I owned small businesses.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Gina Papan*

Occupation: Deputy Attorney General

Education and Qualifications: UC Santa Barbara, Business Economics; Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

As a State Criminal Justice leader, Gina helped establish “Amber Alert” to locate missing children, and established funding for elder abuse and safe schools.

As a nonprofit director, Gina assists thousands of underprivileged kids/families with essential clothing and basic needs.

As your Mayor/Council member, Gina championed our quality of life – with a strong record of establishing emergency reserves, reducing costs/debt, and maintaining our essential public services.

Gina helped bring new businesses to Millbrae, instituted systems to keep our environment and water supply safe and clean, installed new street lights, expanded programs keeping kids healthy and trouble free, and protected Fire and Police services.

Gina Papan will continue to:

  • Ensure our life-saving emergency, medical, and 911 services are a top priority;
  • Protect the community's character with responsible development that doesn't increase traffic or burden our services, infrastructure, or schools;
  • Improve Millbrae’s economic prosperity;
  • Maintain programs for children, seniors, and all families; and
  • Fix aging infrastructure, streets, and potholes.

Endorsed by Senator Hill, Speaker Pro Tem Mullin, Millbrae's Mayor and City Council members, neighbors, and community leaders for making a difference and getting results. Join Gina Papan!

Ann Schneider*

Age: 58

Occupation: Environmental Manager / Educator

I seek a city council seat, offering my fellow citizens a new point of view and immediate and long term visions for our city. Mine will be a bold and strong voice for Millbrae. As an actively involved citizen, I will listen to your suggestions and address the concerns and issues we all face. As a Millbrae council member I will always focus on representing you.

I have received an extensive education (Meadows, Taylor and Capuchino HS, graduating from UCLA, chamber leadership academy and Emerge training, to name a few), have proven leadership skills, vast professional working experience and seek amicable solutions to challenges.

My priorities: Responsible Balanced Budget, Revenue Generation, Public Safety, Economic Development, Adopting a Climate Change Plan, Healthy, Clean and Safe Streets, Diverse Community Issues and Programs.

I developed a long resume as an active community volunteer for: Millbrae Lions 2015 Hall of Fame Awardee, MCTV Board Member, CERT Volunteer, Millbrae Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Millbrae Library and Millbrae Historical Society and Advisor to Millbrae Leos and Environmental Students at Mills HS.

I respectfully ask for your trust in me and for your vote. We can do it!

*Committee for Responsible Government in Millbrae Formed to Support Ann Schneider and Robert Gottschalk and Oppose Gina Papan for City Council 2015