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Adoption of a Military Unit

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The Millbrae City Council formally adopted a military unit through the America Supporting Americans non-profit organization or the A.S.A.

Four nearby communities, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Burlingame, and Foster City have all formally adopted military units. San Mateo has the most experienced troop support program due to its long history of support of a military unit.

Each city has been organizing care packages which have been providing units a more comfortable style of living. Each care package includes many necessities a regular person needs such as food, drinks, and other items a person needs. During the holidays, volunteers get festive and add seasonal items such as candy canes and even a wrapped present. Soon Millbrae will be doing the same as well.

Millbrae will be assigned to 101st Airborne Division, Bravo 1-32nd FAR (Field Artillery Regiment) out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The unit has approximately 130 men and women.  They are known as Bravo Battery or Boldsteel Battery.

The Millbrae community will definitely do a great job helping out the troops of the nation’s armed services and will do an outstanding job showing how much they appreciate them for help protecting our country.