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You Just Saved Money on Electricity!

Post Date:06/22/2017 3:59 PM

You Just Saved Money on Electricity! Find Out How.

Questions about your PG&E bill? When you see Peninsula Clean Energy, note this is not an additional charge. Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) charges replace what you would have paid to PG&E for electric generation. Peninsula Clean Energy saves you money while providing cleaner energy!

Watch this short video to fully understand the changes on your PG&E bill: You can download the worksheet to calculate your savings and follow along from the PCE website:

Peninsula Clean Energy is a non-profit public agency launched by San Mateo County and all twenty of its cities to meet local environmental goals. PCE buys low-cost renewable energy such as wind and solar power on behalf of all electric customers county-wide, and passes 5% savings on to you. That’s about $24/year less in utility bills for the average household. This change happens automatically, making it easy to enjoy these savings.

Understanding Your Bill

Peninsula Clean Energy partners with PG&E. PG&E continues to maintain the wires, deliver your electricity, and send you one bill. One of the most important changes you’ll see on your bill is on Page 1, which used to list just one line for Electricity. This line is now divided into two parts:

  • Current PG&E Electricity Delivery Charges: This is the amount you pay to PG&E for maintaining the wires and delivering electricity to you.
  • Peninsula Clean Energy Electric Generation Charges: This is the amount you pay to Peninsula Clean Energy for purchasing cleaner electricity on your behalf.

This new line on Page 1 is not an additional charge. PG&E gives you a Generation Credit on Page 3 of your bill showing how much you would have paid for its electricity. You can use this credit to calculate how much you are now saving.

Note that PG&E recently increased its charges for Electricity Delivery and for natural gas for all its customers across California. PG&E also compressed its tier structure resulting in higher rates for customers who use less energy. These changes were enacted by PG&E throughout their California service area, are not related to Peninsula Clean Energy. These changes may result in your overall energy bills being higher this year than last, even while you pay less for electricity generation.

Environmental Benefit

Peninsula Clean Energy is helping cities, residents, and businesses meet their environmental goals! When the average household switches to Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECOplus product with 50% renewable energy, the greenhouse gas savings is equivalent to planting 10 young trees a year, every year.

Want to do more for the climate? Choose 100% renewable energy with ECO100. For the average household, the greenhouse gas savings is equivalent to planting 23 young trees a year, every year.

ECO100 rates are just one cent/kilowatt hour higher than ECOplus – that’s $2-4 a month for most households, less than a latte. Opting up to ECO100 is powerful and easy action you can take for future generations! Opt-up by calling 866-966-0110, or on our website at

Your Voice Counts

Peninsula Clean Energy is owned by you! As a non-profit local public agency, PCE is run by a Board of Directors made up of your local elected officials, one from each city in San Mateo County as well as two County supervisors. The board meetings every fourth Thursday of the month are open to the public. See PCE’s website for complete board information.

PCE also just appointed a Citizens Advisory Committee to ensure citizen participation to benefit the region. Congratulations to our local representatives! Click here for a complete roster and meeting information. Citizens Advisory Committee meetings on the third Thursday of the month are also open to members of the public.

Spread the Word

We know that utility bills can be confusing, and we hope our video helps. You can make a difference by sharing it with your friends, neighbors, and coworkers:

  • Forward this newsletter to your friends and contacts
  • Join us on social media and share! Twitter: @pencleanenergy, Facebook:
  • Invite Peninsula Clean Energy to present or table at your workplace, community group, event, or neighborhood association.

This announcement was originally published in Peninsula Clean Energy's June 2017 Newsletter. 


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