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Millbrae Public Works Crew Battles Storm, Protects Homes

Post Date:10/26/2016 1:57 PM

Public Works Update: City Crews Battle Storms, Protect Homes

Having served the City of Millbrae for more than 20 years, Dave Martinez is the “go to guy” when it comes to maintaining and fixing the City’s facilities. Dave started out as a public works maintenance worker, but within a short time, his talents and “get the job done” work ethic really stood out, and he was given more responsibility.

On Saturday, October 15th, Dave, now a lead in the City’s Public Works Department, responded to a storm call out on Mateo Ave. Storm water was rising in the street, threatening property damage to nearby homes. Dave knew he had to act fast.

Dave, along with crew members Manuel Marquez and Jessy Gonzalez, proceeded to trouble shoot the flooding. Thinking outside the box, they were able to locate the problem - the storm pipe’s discharge end piece east of Hemlock Ave. had been driven over and flattened. Once discovered, the crew quickly pried open the pipe, relieving the backed-up storm water. Since then, crews have made a permanent fix to the Mateo Ave. storm drain discharge pipe.

Because of their knowledge and quick thinking, Dave, Manuel and Jessy were true public works heroes that day, and helped save several properties from flooding and water damage.

Of additional note, the City’s public works crews are well trained by Storms Supervisor Mike Killigrew, whose proactive training and approach limits liability and helps reduce the number of inclement weather call outs. Millbrae’s new Storm Senior Chris Falzon, and experienced Storm Street Sweeper Glenn Gonzalez, are also heroes behind the scene diligently working daily to remove leaves and litter from the storm system.

As a reminder, public works encourages citizens to clear their property drains and downspouts before winter storms. Public works also has a sand bagging station in the south-east corner of the Millbrae Library parking lot for people who need them. 

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