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Millbrae Exceeds Water Use Targets

Post Date:06/24/2016 4:42 PM

Last week, the Millbrae Department of Public Works announced that residents and business owners reduced their water use by approximately 22% last year - compared to water use in 2013 - exceeding the State’s mandatory 16% water use reduction target.

“Last year, our state went through one of the worst droughts in history. I’m proud to say that our community heard the warnings loud and clear, and we did what we had to do to conserve our precious resource,” said Mayor Anne Oliva, City of Millbrae. “Although we surpassed the State’s target, what we really did was set an example of sensible conservation while maintaining our quality-of-life.”

The success of the City’s water use reductions was primarily led by residents who monitored and changed their daily habits for irrigating landscapes and home use. The City’s water use has steadily declined, especially in the last year while complying with the State’s water use reduction mandate.

“We have an effective water management plan in place, and we are proactively making improvements to our infrastructure and conservation measures,” said Ray Chan, Director of Public Works for the City of Millbrae. “Although the Bay Area’s water supplies have improved, we will continue to conserve water so that shortages will not impact our residents’ lives like they did in other communities.”

Through law passed in 2009, the State requires all cities and agencies to reduce their water consumption by 20% by 2020.

To learn more about Millbrae’s Water Resources & Conservation Program, and find out about free water saving devices and rebates available to Millbrae residents, visit


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