How many signs can I have for my business and how large can they be?

Signs may be attached to a building or can be free-standing. Total allowed sign area is calculated at a rate of 1½ square feet per linear foot of primary building frontage and ¾ square feet per linear foot of secondary building frontage. Every building has one primary frontage; all other sides of the building are considered secondary frontages. Window signage is also allowed up to 25% of the window area. One free-standing sign is allowed per parcel, except that an additional free-standing sign is allowed for street frontages longer than 250 feet. Other sign options may be possible. The number and size of signs for your business require an examination of your building and site. Approval of a Sign Permit and a Building Permit are required for all signs and some signs first require Planning Commission approval. No signage is allowed for businesses within a residence.

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