How much does a permit cost?

The Building Division requires the payment of fees for building permits based on the scope of work and project valuation. The plan check fee is due at the time of plan submittal. Building permit fees are due at the time of permit issuance. The City accepts payments with debit and credit cards. Typical fees include plan check fees, permit fees, and other fees associated with the permit. In addition, a variety of other related fees may be charged based on project scope, including but not limited to Public Works utility capacity facility fees, Construction and Demolition deposits, connection fees, General Plan Maintenance fees, Technology Fees, Documentation Fees, Development Impact Fees, Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fees, Affordable Housing Commercial Linkage Impact Fees, and other fees. For specific fee questions, call the Building Division at 650-259-2330.

To get an estimate of your project permit cost, please check the Millbrae Community Development Department Service and Fee Schedule (PDF).

Development Impact Fees are fees adopted by the City Council based on the provisions set forth in California Government Code Section 66000-66025 (Mitigation Fee Act as established by Assembly Bill 1600 in 1987). These fees are assessed upon new development projects to fully or partially offset the costs of public capital facilities and infrastructure that is needed to serve new demand created by development projects. Most recently, the City Council adopted Resolution Number 21-50 (PDF) on July 13, 2021 establishing Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fees for Residential Development Projects and Commercial Linkage Impact Fees for Commercial Development Projects.

Fees not collected by the Building Division include school fees (PDF), encroachment permit fees and Public Works Utility Capital Facility Impact Fees for water and sewer connections and service.

All building permits for new buildings or additions over 500 square feet must pay developer's fees to both the San Mateo United High School District AND the Millbrae Elementary School District as permitted by the California Education Code section 17620 and California Government Code Section 53080. When a building permit is ready to issue, the permit applicant will be given a copy of the completed application to deliver to the school districts to pay the fees. Then proof of payment must be submitted to the City Building before a permit can be issued. Additional information on these fees including the current amounts can be obtained from the San Mateo Union High School District at 650-558-2288 and the Millbrae Elementary School District at 650-697-5693.

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