Why is the City collecting sewer service charges through the tax roll?

Billing through the County tax roll is anticipated to provide benefits to both ratepayers and the sewer enterprise fund. As the collector of general taxes, the County of San Mateo guarantees payment for any charges collected on the tax roll. This guarantee of payment allows staff to project revenue with more accuracy and plan any future expenditures required to maintain the City’s sewer collection system, including any long-term debt obligations. Having a consistent, guaranteed revenue stream also has the potential to increase the City’s bond rating, which would lead to the City receiving lower interest rates when financing capital improvement projects or contractual obligations for wastewater operations. Lower interest rates result in lower overall costs that will ultimately be factored into future rate studies. Any beneficial cost savings for the sewer enterprise would positively impact ratepayers in the areas of sewer rate setting, system capital improvements, and service delivery. 

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1. Why is the City collecting sewer service charges through the tax roll?
2. Are there other agencies that currently bill sewer service charges through the County tax roll?
3. What customers will have sewer service charges collected on the County tax roll?
4. Can customers choose to opt-out of the transition to County billing?
5. What is the timeline for this process?
6. Who is responsible for paying the sewer service charges on the tax roll?
7. What if I am a tenant and the current customer on record?
8. What should I do if my account is transitioned to the tax roll and I still receive a bill for sewer service from the City?
9. How will I pay my bill if my sewer service charge is collected through the tax roll?
10. If my sewer charges will be collected on the tax roll, when will my payment be due?
11. What happens if miss the payment deadlines?
12. Will this change increase my current sewer service rates?
13. Will the charges be tax deductible?
14. Will I still be receiving a bill from the City for my water service?
15. Will my property tax increase?
16. Can I still apply for the Lifeline Program if sewer service charges are billed through the tax roll?
17. Will customers on the tax roll still be eligible for sewer charge reduction through Lifeline?
18. If my sewer charges are transferred to the tax roll, will I still be charged the reduced sewer rate if I was accepted into the Lifeline program?
19. Will the calculation of my water and sewer bill change after charges are transferred to the tax-roll?
20. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?