How much is the fine?

Please contact the San Mateo County Superior Court for the fine amount.

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1. Why did I receive this Notice to Appear?
2. How much is the fine?
3. How much time do I have to pay my Notice of Violation?
4. What are my options?
5. What if I was not the driver/owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation?
6. What happens if I ignore the Notice to Appear?
7. Will I receive any points on my driving record for this Violation?
8. Will my insurance rates be affected?
9. Will the road safety cameras take a picture of the driver of the vehicle?
10. What if I was issued a citation from an officer for the same offense?
11. I do not believe I ran a red light. Where can I go to view my images and video?
12. I do not believe I ran a red light and want to discuss my case with someone.
13. I am Handicapped and unable to appear in court for my hearing. What do I do?
14. Can someone other than me attend the hearing?
15. Is there more than one place that I can attend my hearing?
16. How do I know that these violations are valid?
17. What company provides the red-light camera program in Millbrae?