Bayside Manor has no drainage. Would adding gutters help?

Local improvement projects can sometimes impact flood maps, if the work has an impact on floodplains and the City, developer, or property owner submits for a LOMR.

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1. Can you explain how water flows through the City (including major drainage channels discussed in the presentation, such as Highline Canal)?
2. Can property owners reduce flood insurance premiums by not carrying the maximum policy amount?
3. Is my regular homeowners insurance going to go up if I'm mapped in a floodplain?
4. When will future remapping be done by FEMA?
5. Bayside Manor has no drainage. Would adding gutters help?
6. Can I get a lower rate based on modification of my structure?
7. Is there any other way for me to get a lower rate?
8. Do different insurance providers sell policies at different rates?
9. What is the requirement if I make an addition on my home? What triggers the enforcement of the floodplain management code?
10. Can the City post links to the reports and information discussed at the meeting on the website?
11. Are there funding opportunities the City or individuals can pursue to reduce flood risk?
12. Will the City apply for the Community Rating System (CRS) to reduce the cost of flood insurance?
13. Will improvements to reduce climate change impacts reduce the floodplains in the City?
14. Want the latest updates on Flood Management?