Who does this impact?

This impacts any owner, operator, resident, and visitor, of a multi-unit residence and multi-unit residence common area.

A "Multi-Unit Residence" means a residential property containing two or more units, with one or more shared wall, floor, ceiling, or ventilation systems, including apartments, condominiums, duplexes, or townhomes and their patios and balconies.

A "Multi-Unit Residence Common Area" means any indoor or outdoor area of a Multi-Unit Residence accessible to and usable by residents of different units, including halls and paths, lobbies, laundry rooms, common cooking areas, outdoor eating areas, play areas, shared patios, shared balconies, shared restrooms, elevators and stairwells, swimming pools, carports, garages, and parking areas.

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1. Who does this impact?
2. Can I smoke in my apartment?
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4. Does this impact single family residences?
5. If I live in a single-family residence, can I smoke in my backyard?
6. What is the penalty for violating the City’s smoking ordinance?
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