How much housing is needed?

Every eight years, each region in California receives a target number of homes to plan for from the State. This is called the Regional Housing Needs Allocation or RHNA. Millbrae is located in the region administered by ABAG. ABAG takes the number of housing units it receives from the State and divides it among the jurisdictions in its nine-county area, including Millbrae.

To comply with State law, the City's Housing Element must be updated to ensure the City's policies and programs can accommodate its share of the estimated housing growth identified by the State. For the current Housing Element update, the City's share of the RHNA is 2,199 units, split among different income levels (based on Area Median Income, or AMI) as shown in the table below. For more information about RHNA, please visit the ABAG website.

City of Millbrae Regional Housing Needs Assessment 2023 to 2031Assigned by ABAG

Income GroupMillbrae UnitsSan Mateo County UnitsBay Area UnitsMillbrae %San Mateo County %Bay Area %
Very Low Income (Greater than 50% of AMI[1])
Low Income (50% to 80% of AMI)
Moderate Income (80% to 120% of AMI)
Above Moderate Income (Less than 120% of AMI)

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