What is "lot coverage", what is "floor area ratio", and what is the difference?

"Lot coverage" is the total square footage of all the footprints of all the structures on a lot divided by the gross lot area and results in a percentage. Open projections such as patios, decks, balconies, and eaves are excluded. Different zoning districts have different lot coverage maximums. The maximum allowed lot coverage is 50% in the R-1 Zone and 40% in the R-1LD District. "Floor Area Ratio" (FAR) is the total square footage of all parts and all levels of all structures divided by the net lot area and results in a percentage. Some patios, most decks, and all balconies, as well as tall crawl spaces and high ceiling areas, are included. The maximum allowed FAR is 55% in the R-1 and R-1LD Zones. No other zoning districts have FAR limits. In calculating the maximum allowable size of most residential additions, floor area ratio, rather than lot coverage, will usually be the limiting factor.

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2. What is "lot coverage", what is "floor area ratio", and what is the difference?
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