April 25, 2023
7:00 PM

In Person Meeting Location:

Millbrae Council Chambers

621 Magnolia Avenue

Millbrae, California

Teleconference via Zoom:

For dial-in comments, call 1-669-444-9171

Meeting ID: 813 9936 8182



“Wordly” can translate into 25+ different languages! To access translation during the meeting, please scan the QR Code or click this Any attendees who require special assistance, a disability related modification or language assistance in order to participate in the meeting should contact Elaine Tran, City Clerk at (650) 259-2414. Notification prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting.

Pursuant to the Ralph M. Brown Act, THIS MEETING WILL BE HELD BOTH IN-PERSON and VIRTUALLY pursuant to limitations prescribed by State law. If a technical issue arises with Zoom or the phone dial-in option, the City Council meeting will continue unless the meeting is being held pursuant to the provisions of Assembly Bill 2449 for elected officials. To maximize transparency and public access, while the primary meeting takes place in the Millbrae City Council Chambers location, members of the public may attend in person at the Millbrae Council Chamber, at the teleconference location by Zoom or by phone. The meeting will be broadcast live on the Millbrae Community Television Cable Channel 27 or on

Members of the public are encouraged to provide comments. To maximize time for public comment, speakers are subject to a 3-minute time limit unless otherwise determined by the Mayor. 

PUBLIC COMMENT: In person speakers will be called first, followed by any virtual attendees.
In person speakers to fill out a speaker request slip and turn it into the City Clerk. 
Virtual attendees can participate by joining the City Council meeting via Zoom: for web, visit , select “Join a Meeting” and enter Meeting ID: 813 9936 8182. Use the “Raise Hand” feature to request to speak. For dial-in comments, call 1-669-444-9171, enter Meeting ID: 813 9936 8182, and press *6 to request to speak. 

City Council agendas may be previewed on Millbrae Community Television Cable Channel 27 and the City website [] materials related to an agenda item that are submitted to the City Council after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection in the City Clerk’s Office at 621 Magnolia Avenue, Millbrae, CA 94030, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 


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Reserved for persons wishing to comment on any item not appearing on the agenda.  Public Communication is limited to no more than thirty (30) minutes, with each speaker given no more than three (3) minutes. If more than ten (10) speakers are present, speakers’ time shall be reduced so that all speakers have an equal time to speak. Although we welcome and encourage public communication, the views or information presented by the speakers are not necessarily the views of the Council or the members of the public in Millbrae.


5.         Receive and File Monthly General Fund Financial Report for the Period Ending March 31, 2023 – ACTION

6.         Waive the Second Reading and Enact an Ordinance Amending Sections 8.20.830, 8.20.890, and 8.20.900 of Title VIII of the Millbrae Municipal Code providing for the collection of sewer charges on the County Tax Roll – ACTION         

7.         Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager or designee to execute a Professional Services Agreement with ECS Imaging, Inc. for Community Development Department scanning services - ACTION

8.         Approve by motion, a request from Fiddlers Green in partnership with Strides for Life Colon Cancer Foundation for a street closure Molly’s 90th Birthday and Fundraiser Event on May 7, 2023 – ACTION

9.         Adoption of a Resolution Approve the Sale of the Interim Community Center Modular Building and Authorize the City Manager to execute related documents with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) – ACTION

10.       Adoption of a Resolution Awarding a Construction Contract to Asphalt Surfacing, Inc. for the Upper Hillcrest Subbasin 4 Pavement Repair Project and Authorizing Task Order No. 1 for Construction Management Services under an on-call agreement with CSG Consultants – ACTION


11.       A Public Hearing to review the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update revisions in response to comments from the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD), consider self-certification and adoption of the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update and authorize staff to submit the Housing Element Update to HCD – ACTION


12.       Millbrae Homelessness Engagement Local Program (H.E.L.P.) Quarterly Update – INFORMATIONAL


13.       Preliminary General Fund Budget Presentation Fiscal Year 2023-24 Operating Budget – INFORMATIONAL


Committee Reports: Councilmembers serve as representatives to various committees listed below. They will report by exception on matters affecting Millbrae.

• Mayor Schneider                   Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (Bay Area Regional Water System Policy Committee), Bay Area Regional Water System Financing Authority, Airport Community Roundtable, San Mateo County Council of Cities, C/CAG Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, CalCities Transportation Communication & Public Works Policy Committee, CA Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets & Curbside Recycling, Millbrae Chamber of Commerce Liaison, San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services Council, Mayor’s Civic Coordinating Council, Community Enhancement Advisory Committee, Millbrae Parks and Recreation Subcommittee – BPAC, Budget/Finance Subcommittee, Public Safety Subcommittee, Infrastructure, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise Subcommittee, Eastside Specific Plan Subcommittee.

• Vice Mayor Goodman      ABAG General Assembly, San Mateo County Library JPA Governing Board, San Mateo County Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services JPA, Millbrae Cultural Arts Advisory Committee, Millbrae Sister Cities Commission, Budget/Finance Subcommittee, Commission/Committee Interview Subcommittee, Public Safety Subcommittee, Technology Subcommittee.

• Councilmember Fung        HEART Board of Directors, HEART Member Agency Committee, Peninsula Clean Energy Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors, C/CAG Legislative Committee, Millbrae Community Television Liaison, Millbrae Youth Advisory Committee, 75th Anniversary Planning Subcommittee, Commission/Committee Interview Subcommittee, Homelessness Subcommittee, MSASP Westside Development Subcommittee, Social Equity and Cultural Inclusion Subcommittee.

• Councilmember Cahalan   C/CAG Airport Land Use Committee, Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance Board of Directors, Millbrae Parks and Recreation Commission, Homelessness Subcommittee, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise Subcommittee, Technology Subcommittee, Eastside Specific Plan Subcommittee.

• Councilmember Papan        C/CAG Board of Directors, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Bay Area Toll Authority, Administration Committee, Planning and Allocation Committee, Bay Area Housing Finance Authority, and Bay Area Infrastructure Finance Authority), C/CAG Congestion Management and Environmental Quality, C/CAG Legislative Committee, San Mateo County Express Lanes Joint Powers Authority, Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee, Caltrain Local Policymakers Group, Millbrae Economic Vitality Advisory Committee, Millbrae Senior Advisory Committee, 75th Anniversary Planning Subcommittee, MSASP Westside Development Subcommittee, Social Equity and Cultural Inclusion Subcommittee.


The public will have an opportunity to comment before the consideration of these items. Following the meeting a report of action from Closed Session will be provided if required.


Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 54956.9:

Claim of Diane White