Recycling Service


The City of Millbrae, in conjunction with South San Francisco Scavenger Company, offers city residents a curbside recycling program. Recyclable materials are placed in a 64-gallon split container on wheels provided by the Scavenger Company. One side is for all types of paper and the other side is for plastic and glass containers, and cans. Cardboard, used motor oil and filters, and household batteries are also collected at the curbside. Please refer to the South San Francisco Scavenger Company's listing on how to place these items out for collection. Recyclables are collected on a weekly basis on the same day as garbage collection. For a complete listing of the recyclable materials collected, contact the South San Francisco Scavenger Company at 650-589-4020

A 96-gallon container on wheels is provided for the collection of yard trimmings and food scraps which is collected weekly on the same day as garbage and recycling collection services. A calendar listing collection days can be obtained from the South San Francisco Scavenger Company. Please visit the City's website page on recycling by clicking here.

The City of Millbrae has an exclusive Franchise Agreement with the South San Francisco Scavenger Company for debris box/dumpster/roll-off bin services which requires that they are rented from the South San Francisco Scavenger Company. The one exception is that California State licensed demolition or construction contractors are allowed to self-haul their own garbage and recyclables only if they use their own vehicles, equipment, and employees to perform the self-hauling, and as long as such hauling is incidental to their primary business function, e.g., roofer, plumber, etc.

Placement of Containers for Collection

Garbage and recycling containers are collected by an automatic system. Wheel your containers out to the street on your regularly scheduled garbage and recycling day. Place recycling and garbage containers out together 2 feet apart and 3 feet away from any vehicle or obstacle. Put your containers' wheels against the curb with the handles facing your house. If there is a problem putting your containers in the street, please place them as close as possible to the street; for example, in your driveway, on the mow strip, or at the edge of the sidewalk.