Non-recyclable garbage is collected one time per week by South San Francisco Scavenger Company, the firm franchised by the City of Millbrae to collect and dispose of refuse. The Scavenger Company also collects recyclables and yard trimmings along with food scraps at the curbside. Recyclable materials are picked up once per week and yard trimmings along with food scraps are picked up every week.

The specifics of garbage service include:

  • Residents may choose between a 20-gallon, 32-gallon, or 64-gallon garbage container on wheels, which is provided by the South San Francisco Scavenger Company. The cost per month depends on the size selected. Residents are encouraged to choose a small garbage container size and reduce waste and recycle as much as possible.
  • The City of Millbrae has an exclusive Franchise Agreement with the South San Francisco Scavenger Company for debris box/dumpster/roll-off bin services which requires that they are rented from the South San Francisco Scavenger Company. The one exception is that California State licensed demolition or construction contractors are allowed to self-haul their own garbage and recyclables only if they use their own vehicles, equipment, and employees to perform the self-hauling, and as long as such hauling is incidental to their primary business function, e.g., roofer, plumber, etc.
  • Unacceptable items include any type of hazardous waste, including paint, motor oil, pesticides, etc.; household batteries; fluorescent lights; and electronic devices such as televisions, computer monitors, and related equipment. To properly dispose/recycle of these items call 650-363-4718 or visit the San Mateo County Health website.

Complete information can be obtained by contacting the South San Francisco Scavenger Company directly. Questions regarding service problems or special service requirements should be directed to: South San Francisco Scavenger Company at 650-589-4020.

Container Storage

All garbage, recycling, and yard waste containers must be stored out of view from the street. Containers should be rolled out no more than 12 hours before collection and stored out of sight no more than 12 hours after collection.

Placement of Containers for Collection

Garbage and recycling containers are collected by an automatic system. Wheel your containers out to the street on your regularly scheduled garbage and recycling day. Place recycling and garbage containers out together 2 feet apart and 3 feet away from any vehicle or obstacle. Put your containers' wheels against the curb with the handles facing your house. If there is a problem putting your containers in the street, please place them as close as possible to the street; for example, in your driveway, on the mow strip, or at the edge of the sidewalk.