Conservation Tips for Landscaping

Landscape Irrigation

  • Aerate turf to encourage movement of water to the root zone.
  • Consider using drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants.
  • Consider using low-volume irrigation, such as a drip system.
  • Detect and repair all leaks in irrigation system.
  • Install an automatic rain shut-off device on sprinkler systems.
  • Raise lawn mower cutting height to at least 3 inches - longer grass blades help shade each other, reduce evaporation, and inhibit weed growth.
  • Set sprinklers to water the lawn or garden only - not the street or sidewalk.
  • Use mulch around shrubs and garden plants to reduce evaporation from the soil surface.
  • Water landscape only when needed; look for signs of wilt before watering established plants.
  • Water the lawn or garden early in the morning or in the evening when wind and evaporation are lowest.

Lawn Alternatives

Other Outdoor Uses

  • Avoid purchasing recreational water toys which require a constant stream of water.
  • Consider purchasing a new water-saving swimming pool filter.
  • Do not install or use ornamental water features unless they recycle the water.
  • Make sure all hoses have shut-off nozzles.
  • Never hose down sidewalks, driveways and patios; use a broom.
  • Use a pool cover to reduce evaporation when pool is not being used.
  • Wash vehicles only when needed; wash the car with water from a bucket or consider using a commercial car wash that recycles water.