Climate Action Plan

Final 2020 Climate Action Plan

The Final 2020 Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted by the City Council at the October 27, 2020 meeting. The CAP sets policies, greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, and measures for reducing greenhouse gases. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) was performed for the CAP. Please see below for a link to the Final 2020 CAP Initial Study-Negative Declaration.

Final Initial Study and Negative Declaration for the Millbrae 2020 Climate Action Plan (CAP)

The Millbrae City Council adopted the Final 2020 CAP Initial Study-Negative Declaration. The Final 2020 CAP Initial Study-Negative Declaration addresses the potential physical environmental effects of implementation of the 2020 CAP in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Climate Action Plan Emissions Reduction Measures Dashboard

#CAP GHG Emission Reduction MeasureGHG Reduction in 2030 (MTCO2e)Status
01Commercial Green Building Ordinance497The City will continue to adopt the latest version of the CALGreen Code for non-residential new construction and major remodels for applicable updates outside of the Reach Codes
02Residential Green Building Ordinance146The City will continue to adopt the latest version of the CALGreen Code for residential new construction and major remodels for applicable updates outside of the Reach Codes
03Residential Energy Retrofit Incentives and Rebates2,872Ongoing in partnership with BayREN
04Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs1,657Ongoing
05Residential Energy Conservation Program607

Voluntary through year 2022; Mandatory starting year 2023

06Commercial Energy Conservation Program458

Voluntary through year 2022; Mandatory starting year 2023

07Free or Subsidized Shade Trees23Pending adoption of Tree Planting Ordinance
08Electrical Panel Upgrades in Existing Buildings6,480Not started
09Residential and Commercial All-Electric Ordinance1,617Adopted November 10th, 2020
10Promote Solar Installations1,527Promoted SunShares Program to city residents
11Participate in Community Choice Aggregation7,320Continuing participation through PCE
12Non-Residential Buildings Solar Requirement616

Adopted November 10th, 2020

13Pairing Battery Storage with Solar PV Systems872

Ongoing through Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE)

14Energy-Efficient Street Lighting64Underway
15Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy - Energy4Administrative Standard Procedures (4-9-4, Effective September 4, 2020)
16Participate in Community Choice Aggregation: Municipal142The City has elected and will continue to elect to “opt up” to ECO100 (100% renewable) electricity service through PCE
17Energy Efficiency in Municipal Buildings273Audits every 2 years. Year 2021 audit found potential energy-efficient opportunities
18Renewable Energy Installation for Municipal Properties68Solar to be installed in the Recreation Center and David J. Chetcuti Community Room through PCE Program
19Municipal Green Building Policy52The City will follow the CALGreen Codes and consider certification for LEED Silver or Gold status or equivalent. New construction will follow adopted Reach Codes for building electrification
20Water Conservation Incentives102Ongoing Rebate and discount programs: Rain Barrel, Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, Self-audit Tool (through June 30, 2024) and free water conservation devices
21Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and CALGreen Indoor Water Efficiency Requirements43Continue implementation of the State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) and CALGreen indoor water efficiency requirements
22Residential “Greywater Ready” New Construction11Updated in March, 2022: City Planning WELO form contains greywater information
23Smart Growth Development624Ongoing
24Walkable / Bikeable Street Landscape873Ongoing: coincide with Downtown Plan
25Safe Routes to School50Selected for 2023 School Travel Fellowship to work with County and Alta Planning + Design. The project goal is to improve crossings in school zones at Green Hills Elementary and Meadows Elementary, particularly near drop-off and pick-up areas, promote walking and biking to school, and help the schools address safety and traffic concerns. These improvements will help increase the number of students who regularly walk or bike to and from school instead of transport by car.
26Electric Vehicle Education and Outreach5,555Ongoing through PCE
27Local Farmers’ Market6Ongoing
28Explore Bike Sharing Program118Granted funding by San Mateo County Transportation Authority. The program launched May 2023
29Encourage Car Sharing Companies to Open Pods in Town131Not started
30Shuttle Program249Preliminary Analysis of Local Shuttle Service provided clearer understanding of best practices from nearby shuttle programs, potential users, cost estimates and possible reductions in greenhouse gases/Vehicle Miles Traveled. Not economically feasible.
31EV Charging Infrastructure in Existing Buildings11,558Ongoing (Refer to building code)
32EV Charging Infrastructure in New Construction878Adopted November 10th, 2020
33Modify City Infrastructure to Accommodate Shared Electric Bikes and Scooters830Bike parking corrals have been installed by Bike Sharing Program Operator in partnership with City. Bike racks are being installed in some corrals. 
34Electric Transportation Network Company (TNCs) Vehicles887Not being pursued due to legal limitations
35Public Employee Commuting Program2Working with on private employer network to encourage employees to smart commute
36Clean Fleet Policy42Effective September 14th, 2020
3785% Landfill Diversion Rate Goal289Increasing participation in recycling and organic waste through SB 1383 implementation
38Sustainable Food Service WareSupporting MeasureAdopted February 23rd, 2021. Amended May 24th, 2022
39Commercial Organics Recycling OrdinanceSupporting MeasureUnderway: Reached out to targeted businesses. New SB 1383 supersedes.
40Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy - Waste ReductionSupporting MeasureAdministrative Standard Procedures (4-9-4, Effective September 4, 2020 )
41Sustainable Vendor Policy at Public EventsSupporting MeasureOngoing for all events. Mandatory requirements in Ordinance Number 791 for large events.
42Municipal Zero Waste Policy3Signed December 2020
43Bay Area Green Business Program110Ongoing.

Total Reduction from GHG Emission Reduction Measures: 47,656