130 El Camino Real Residential Development

130 ECR West Elevation
  • Address: 130 El Camino Real
  • Application Number: 2021-71
  • Categories: Major Development Projects

Project Description

The proposed project would demolish an existing medical office building and build a six-story, 70' tall, residential development on the east side of El Camino Real between Linden Avenue and Isabel Alley that would provide 30 residential apartments in a 38,943 square feet residential building including ground floor with two commercial spaces, a common area and 20 below-ground, parking spaces. The project will provide 15% units for households making at or below 80%% area income (low income affordability level). Applicant will seek Density Bonus waivers from the maximum residential density and maximum FAR as necessary to facilitate construction of the project at the proposed residential density and reduction of on-site vehicular parking requirements to 0.5 spaces per unit. The project does not anticipate requiring Density Bonus concessions or incentives.

Entitlement: A Preliminary Application to seek vested rights pursuant to SB 330, the Housing Crisis Act of 2019 and State Density Bonus Law in State Government Code 65915 (enacted by SB 2345) was submitted on March 3, 2021 and A notice of intent to apply for approval under the Streamlined Ministerial Approval Process in State Government Code 65913.4 (enacted by SB 35-2017).

  • Applicant: Melinda A. Sarjapur
  • Application Review Status: Under Review
  • Contact Information: Melinda A. Sarjapur, 415-567-9000
  • Project Status: Under Review
  • Property Owner: Roger and Abuyaghi and Maher Abuyaghi

Public Oversight Meeting

SB 35 allows "design review or public oversight" to occur if a city so chooses. This process may be conducted by the planning commission or equivalent board or commission responsible for review and approval of development projects, or the city council. Design review or public oversight must be objective and strictly focused on assessing compliance with criteria required for streamlined projects, as well as any reasonable objective design standards that were in effect before the application was submitted.

Email the Planning Division or call 650-259-2341.