1159 Oakwood

1159 Oakwood
  • Address: 1159 Oakwood
  • Categories: Single-Family Projects (PC Only)
  • Application Number: 2018-07

Project Description

The proposed design would include minor revisions to the ground floor to accommodate a new staircase for access to the new second floor. The proposed second-floor addition includes two new bedrooms, two new full bathrooms, and two new closets. To accommodate the new second-floor addition, the applicant is requesting a second-floor step-back exception at the front of the residence and the right side. A ten-foot second-floor setback is required for the front and a seven-foot second-floor setback is required for the right side.

Design Review Permit - Continued on January 6, 2020. Design review application to allow for a new second-floor addition to an existing single-story residence and request for setback exceptions to allow less than the minimum required second-floor setbacks in a Single-Family Residential (R-1) Zoning District.

  • Applicant: Bill Guan
  • Application Review Status: Complete
  • Contact Information: Xie Architects
  • Project Status: Continued by Planning Commission on January 6, 2020
  • Property Owner: Benny Liu and Jessica Chen
  • Public Hearing: January 6, 2020

Email the Planning Division or call 650-259-2341