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City of Millbrae

Commission and Committee Policies and Guidelines


1. The Vice Mayor may arrange to meet jointly with the chairpersons of the commissions and committees to facilitate a review and evaluation of their mission, determine if their objectives are being met and help members establish a program of work for the second half of the year.

2. There should be no term limits for any commissioner or committee member. The City Council should consider and amend the make up of the commissions and committees through the process of reappointment and the filling of vacancies.

3. Staff should work with commissions and committees to amend the bylaws and the mission statements of the commissions and committees to ensure that they are consistent and in concert with the goals and missions of the City Council.

4. The Council should ensure that the commissions and committees (with the exception of the Planning Commission, to which the Council has delegated specific final decision making power on land use matters) understand that their charge is advisory, not executive, and that they are charged with advising the Council, working through staff, concerning matters under the purview of their particular body. Staff should work with any commission or committee that does not have a mission statement or bylaws to develop same.

5. One event honoring all volunteers will be held annually. This event will include commissions and committees plus all other volunteers including those on “ad hoc” committees.

6. All City commission and committees should have a secretary responsible for recording the proceedings of meeting minutes. Staff will ensure that the agendas and minutes of all commissions and committees are available to the community by posting on the City’s website.

7. Staff should establish a written policy regarding the budgets and expenditures of the commissions and committees. The budget and expenditures policy should include a budget review approved by the City Manager. No expenditure of City-budgeted funds or other resources may be made without the prior approval of the City Manager.

8. An attendance policy for all commissions and committees is established. This policy allows for, but does not necessarily require, the removal of any commission or committee member after three unexcused absences in any fiscal year. The removal of any commission or committee member shall be at the sole discretion of the City Council. A commission or committee member may recommend removal of a member to the City Council.

9. The Council encourages all commission and committee members to attend the various functions of the City, including the meetings and functions sponsored by commissions or committees others than those upon which they serve.

10. The Mayor should appoint a Council liaison for all City commissions and committees (except the Planning Commission) in order to sustain a more broad and effective communication between the Council and its commissions and committees.

11. All commission and committee members will continue to serve in good standing beyond their expired term until they are re-appointed or a successor has been appointed.

12. Reports by the commission/committee chairs should be incorporated in advance into the City Council’s meeting agenda to ensure that each commission or committee reports to the City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting at least once a year. The commission/committee reports to the Council can be scheduled to coincide with appropriate national recognition months. If commission or committee community events are scheduled at different times than the national or state recognitions are celebrated, then representatives from the commission or committee may arrange with the City Clerk to address the City Council during “Oral Reports.”

Adopted on July 28, 2009 by motion of the City Council

Last updated: 8/7/2013 10:11:37 AM