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City of Millbrae

Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee consists of twenty-one members appointed by the City Council and serve a term of one year.  Membership reflects the student bodies of all the public and private schools serving the City to the greatest extent possible.  Each voting member must be a Millbrae resident and a student attending a school serving the City.  Non-resident youth may participate in Committee meetings on a non-voting basis.  Members of the Youth Advisory Committee may visit and participate with other Commissions and Committees on an ad hoc, non-voting basis.

The Youth Advisory Committee provides a forum for discussion and resolution of issues affecting youth, and facilitates communication between youth and City government.  

The Youth Advisory Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at Millbrae Community Center, 477 Lincoln Circle, Millbrae, CA 94030.

Charlene O'Connell, Recreation Coordinator, serves as staff liaison to the Committee and can be reached at 650-259-2360.

Members   Initial
BERNADETTE ABADILLA 06/30/11 06/30/13
KYLE CHEN 06/30/11 06/30/13
COLLIN CHEUNG   07/27/10 06/30/13
JONATHAN CHEUNG 07/27/10 06/30/13
MATTHEW CHEUNG 07/27/10 06/30/13
WEI-CHE CHIU 07/27/10 06/30/13
JENNIFER GAO 09/25/12 06/30/13
LAUREN HAIN 06/30/11 06/30/13
DANIELLE LEE 06/30/11 06/30/13
ANDREW LIN 07/28/09 06/30/13
RAYMOND LY 06/30/11 06/30/13
SAMANTHA SIU 07/27/10 06/30/13
CHRISTINA TO 06/30/11 06/30/13
ELENA WANG 06/30/11 06/30/13
MONCAROL WANG 07/28/09 06/30/13
LAWRENCE WONG 06/30/11 06/30/13
TRACY YU 06/30/11 06/30/13
CHIKIT YUEN 07/27/10 06/30/13
JENSEN YEUNG 06/30/11 06/30/13

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